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Oil Tank and Underground Storage in NJ

Information contained here is broad general knowledge and a professional should be consulted.

Inspections must be certified by the DEP.

Tank Searches generally cost around $275 and mortgage and insurance companies are now looking for this and sometimes wont give a mortgage out unless they know the condition or status.
Tank Testing (insurance company may need this)

A professional can perform soil borings and test the tank to see if its leaking (all 4 borings and testing can cost around $450 and an integrity test would be about $375.

Most of the time if it pass the (1) soil test and (2) integrity test you might not have a problem and costs about $600 for both tests.

A seperate company may need to be called in to remove the actual tanks.

By law before the soil borings begin they have to call utilities before you dig - 5 days to call water / sewer / or gas

Pull a tank out of a ground it costs around $2000.

They look at these potential enviromental hazards being truly about ground water contaminiation

Oil tank if its contaminated and needs to be cleaned up it can cost from around $8000 to $10,000
If diging and there is ground water, it can add $5000 more to the cleanup cost, so it could be $20,0000. This is why its important to know the status before purchasing a home or have it tested.

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